Old TV Series - Classic Television Shows!

Old TV Series - Classic Television Shows!

Welcome to Old TV Series. Here you will find information about many classic television shows from the 50's through the early 90's. We have the opening credits for many of these old tv shows, DVD reviews, and links to other sites with tv series information.
Technology has changed, and now you can buy these DVDs and watch them whenever you want. We recommend watching it on a plasma tv. These shows aren't available on HD, so it will not take advantage of the full effects of a plasma TV. It won't be too long before 3d tvs become the order of the day. It is much nicer watching these shows on a 40"+ screen than a traditional 19" back in the day!


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Top 10 Intros
1: The Flintstones
2: Airwolf
3: A-Team
4: Batman
5: Happy Days
6: Bonanza
7: Full House
8: Knight Rider
9: M*A*S*H
10: Dallas
Old TV Show Intros See the opening themes for many classic television shows. These tunes will bring you back to the old days.
TV Series DVD Reviews Reviews of the DVD collections for many old television shows from the 50's to early 90's.
TV Series Made into Movies Some old tv series were remade into modern movies. In this section, we provide the latest information about these movies.
Old TV Shows Made into Games Links to games inspired by classic tv shows.
Old TV Series Directory A complete directory of links to other sites with information about classic television shows.
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